Site Info - sundries, with luck entertaining.

The Pseudo-FAQ - because this site is relatively new and nobody's asked any questions yet, it's not actually frequently asked questions.

The Meta-Metadata - in case you're wondering what the devil is up with all these library cards, indexes, and tags.

The Bio-Author - a brief exercise in autobiography, always amost disturbing activity.

The Welcome-Page - and the closest this site comes to legal disclaimers.

This website was designed and coded entirely in TextEdit, with graphics edited in Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady.

Yes, this means I hand-coded this entire thing. All the tags, all the index pages, everything. Because I'm a stubborn bitch and like knowing my code and knowing exactly what it's doing, ease be damned.

Yes, this means I'm an utter manic loony.

And I am now busy re-writing everything into a PHP/MySQL-driven site. By hand, without a content management system. Because I'm an utter manic loony.

How long did it take me? Too long, perhaps; but still, I got it done in the end. I can't count hours or days, as I've been working on it very sporadically, often leaving it be for months at a time, but I first came up with the library card and tagging concept in May of 2007. The site went live on April 8th, 2008. That's a while.

This site contains 69 fics in 13 fandoms, totalling over 220,000 words, as well as over 13,000 words of author's notes, index page comments, site info, and other, sometimes redundant, sometimes conflicting, sundries. It is approximately 26 megabytes in 199 files, is hosted at the excellent, and, in a way, has been about eight years in the making.

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