About the Author - Letterblade, a small red mammal of female gender and indeterminate species, was born in suburban Massachusetts, in 1983, on International Naked Gardening Day. She learned to read and write at a tender age, and committed her first act of horrible Star Trek fanfiction in early childhood. She spent her homeschooled youth reading mythology, running around in the garden, and cultivating a wild imagination. And, of course, continuing to watch Star Trek, as well as being exposed to Elfquest at a formative age.

Her teenage years found her branching out into varied and often pornographic science fiction (none of which she remembers) and accumulating a highly eccentric circle of friends, most of whom she wound up making out with. She acquired Harlan Ellison's autograph by dissing Mozart, watched Ghostbusters too many times, and lost faith in her native religion. The crazy girl at summer camp introduced her to slash at the age of fourteen, and within a year she was arbitrarily pairing off X-Men and writing sex scenes best not exposed to the light of day.

In 2001, freshly graduated from high school, Letterblade discovered the internet, and her attention span has never quite recovered.

Her first online fandom was Myst, wherein she devised the name M'lah Sihfay, being D'ni for "wired lizard." (Also known as reading the dictionary and picking out something pretty.) She soon became rather deeply involved in that community, to the point of attending conventions and so forth, and the response she received to her fanfiction swelled her head considerably, and that, too, has never quite recovered.

Around that time, in 2002, she became involved in a few anime fandoms, resumed writing slash, and began to inflict it upon Yahoo! mailing lists and other dark continents of the internet. Out of political paranoia, as the Myst fandom can run highly conservative, she took up a seperate screen name for such pornographic use in other fandoms. Through her rather poor memory, she deluded herself into believing she created the name of Arkady, and became rather well-known as such over many years and through many fandoms. (For the record, she is not an Asimov fan, having never read him.)

She continued for many years to write and post fanfiction, hopping fandoms and scattering dead WIPs across the internet, garnering much praise and many friends, and always using the name M'lah Sihfay in the Myst fandom and Arkady in all others, even to the point of having two seperate accounts on Skyehawke, her preferred archive. As time went on, however, this became a point of considerable annoyance, as she much preferred the name of M'lah Sihfay, but was far better-known as Arkady.

In 2006, for a doomed NaNoWriMo, Letterblade devised the name Letterblade, though it did not occur to her to use it for her fanfiction until late 2007. She has since attempted, however, to "rebrand" herself. She has also long wanted to collect all her fic into one privately hosted archive, and has simply never entirely gotten a Round Tuit. Finally, however, these two urges have joined fervently in a suitably well-lubricated state, and the fruit of their union is this website.

When not in fandom, Letterblade indulges in a wide number of other creative hobbies, is immensely fond of cats and Scandinavian folk rock, takes a number of lovers in interesting ways, reads Shakespeare and Crowley, and gains unholy joy from writing about herself in the third person.

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