the dark myst vignettes

table of contents



dedicated to Aitrus5,
fellow connoisseur of abominable acts,
wherever he may be--
for daring to ask after Achenar's dreams



I - Everdunes - The Prophecy

a Prologue, in which two boys hear a story


II - Stoneship - Salt in the Wound

in which three boys discover much that should not be


III - Mechanical - Vengeance

in which Sirrus faces death and Achenar triumphs over the storm


IV - Myst - In Dreams

an Interlude In Collage, in which falls everything that is not elsewhere


V - Channelwood - Masks

in which Achenar has difficulties with water


VI - Aspermere - Blessed Are the Meek

in which Sirrus falls in love


VII - Whiterock - For the Love of Spring

an Epilogue, in which Sirrus claims victory and an ending approaches


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