Frequently Asked Questions - though, seeing as this site is brand new and nobody has yet asked any questions, I've kinda had to pull this FAQ out of my ass--imagining what people might want to ask after visiting or reading about this site.

Don't worry, I cleaned it first.

Why do you write?

It's in my blood. Calling to me from my bones. Chiselled on my spleen. Or possibly my gallbladder; I can't quite tell. Either way, I don't have much of a choice.

Where do you get your ideas?

"From a stewpot" would be my standard answer. Really, though, this is a somewhat less absurd question when applied to fanfiction: it's simply a matter of turning the canon upside-down, shaking it, seeing what falls out, and then folding, spindling, and mutilating it until it's sufficiently interesting. That or listening to other fen and trying to one-up them. (a.k.a. "I can SO make that pairing work, bitches!")

Why don't you write original stuff and make money?

I do. (Write it, that is; haven't made money yet.) I just don't post it publicly online, due to right of first publication issues. Also, there's no such thing as original work. Intertextuality is a defining feature of humanity.

Why don't you just change the names so you can publish it and make money?

Any number of reasons: for one, it's a literary falsehood I'd rather not commit; for another, much of my best work, as fanfiction often does, interacts strongly with the canon and would make no sense out of context; for another, I believe in letting any creative work be what it will be, and if something will be fanfiction, then I let it be.

Do you take concrit?

Yes and no. Every fic on this site is officially published. Done. Over with. Moving on. These are not works being edited, not works for which I'm actively seeking comments and feedback on how something specific worked or whether that bit with the banana made sense. On the other hand, writing is a process of learning, and if the bit with the banana didn't make sense for some particular reason, I now know what to avoid if I ever go to write another bit with a banana. So it's not like I don't appreciate or can't handle concrit; but I wouldn't want a clever and helpful reader wasting paragraphs on feedback I'm not going to use, because that would be sad.

What is your favorite pairing?

The real answer is that I couldn't possibly ever decide! However, there are several pairings that I have said, at various points, that are my Official OTP/OT3/OTWhatever:
 - Official OTP #1: Ikari Shinji and Nagisa Kaworu, from Neon Genesis Evangelion
 - Official OTP #2: Tuvok and Lon Suder, from Star Trek: Voyager
 - Official OTP #3: Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald, from Harry Potter
 - Official OT3: The Ninth Doctor, Jack Harkness, and Rose Tyler, from Doctor Who
 - Official OT5: Endymion, Kunzite, Zoisite, Nephrite, and Jadeite, from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

I betaed/requested/ran a contest/was otherwise involved in the making of $fic. Could you credit me under a different name/add a link to my LJ/or my website/refer to me as Mistress/otherwise change or add something?

Sure! Just email me and let me know, and if it's not a name I know you under, please indicate context so I know who you are. :) (I credit people who do LJ fic requests by their LJ handle, and betas and others by whatever name I knew them by at the time, and have not linked to any sites or livejournals out of general respect for others' online identities. Or laziness. Whichever.)

Why isn't $fic on the site?

There are a few possibilities here:
- if it's very new, as in something you recently read or heard about on LJ, I'm probably letting it sit for a while before doing a final editing pass and the back-end work of coding it and uploading it to various archives, including this one.
- if it's very small, such as a drabble or a ficlet request, I probably haven't bothered to archive it yet. (What is large or coherent enough to bother archiving is a long-running internal debate for me.)
- if it's very old, such as my Escaflowne fic or my early stuff in the Myst fandom, it is probably old and immature enough that I don't want to touch it with a ten-foot pole, never mind dig it up, finish it off, and archive it.

The version of $fic on your LJ/a forum/wherever else was different. Huh?

Good eye! I have a peculiar writing process which often leads to two different versions of a fic floating around. Unless it's a major piece that I'm getting betaed privately and the whole nine yards, I usually post the raw first draft to my Livejournal (sometimes public, sometimes not) as soon as I complete it, or even in pieces as I'm working on it. This is because, well, I'm an attention whore. I like readers, I like comments, and unless I have some particular attachment to or concern with the piece, I'll just throw it out there.

Then, usually a month or two or three later, I go back to it, tweak a few sentences, fix this or that paragraph, expand that bit of dialogue, code it, archive it, and call it done. Yes, this means I don't use a beta for most of my short pieces. Yes, this means in many cases what you're reading is a slightly prettified first draft. Yes, this is literary and fandom heresy. But, in the context of short pieces that are not being professionally published, it works for me.

When are you going to finish $fic you posted part of/mentioned you were working on/babbled to me about on IM?

Er, the answer to that is fairly likely 'never,' and for that I'm sorry. I have folder after folder of dead works in progress on my hard drive, as I have the creative attention span of a--OOH SHINY I should write that!!--ferret, and have, at most points of my fic career, been either working full-time or keeping up with a full college courseload. My interest in old ideas tends to die fairly quickly, too. I've been trying recently to take on a select few projects to minimize the dead WIP woe, but it's also harder for me to write than it used to me, so...much WIP death. Again, I am sorry.

The few WIPs that I'm still attempting to finish are listed here, with LJ's to-do list tool, though I admit that I don't always keep that particularly well updated.

Can I translate $fic?

In general, yes! Please email me before beginning, though, so that I know who you are, what you're translating, and into what language. And I request in return that you send me your finished translation so I can repost it here with the original English.

Can I record/podcast $fic?

In general, yes! Again, though, please email me so that I know who you are and what you're recording, and please let me repost it here.

If you would like to actually ask a question, rather than watching me make crap up, please drop me a line!

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