2001 - mostly ancient history. The only thing from then I'll currently make public is the DMVs, my magnum opus in the Myst fandom, but I was, at the time, writing quite more. This was the year I graduated high school, and in the summer before I went to college, a summer in which large bits of my personality changed rather drastically, I discovered, amongst many things, online fan communities. Light from above, choirs of angels, etcetera.

I started a relatively light and simple plot-focused story, "The Book of Narayan," as a long WIP, posted scene by scene in forums, to break my disorientation-induced writer's block. I had been writing, fanfiction and original, since I was a small child; I had never been blocked before. The support I got on those forums not only dynamited the block away, it drew out, I think, a whole new level of quality. I wrote most of the DMVs that year, though it took me far longer to fully revise and publish them, and, while they are flawed, I still consider them my first vaguely mature work.

the dark myst vignettes

"Why are you crying, little brother? She tried to kill you. She didn't even go limp when she died. You're lucky I could do that. I saved you."

   [ seven stories in one, or one story in seven, of Sirrus and Achenar ]

  Spoilers - Myst
  Canon - written before realMYST, Uru, Myst IV and V
  Beta - Dester'edra
  For - Aitrus5, by dedication
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