Final Fantasy X - is a truly excellent video RPG, which IMDb tags as Sexy Boy, Mysterious Cave, Sequel To Cult Favorite, Fictitious Sport, Father Son Relationship, and a whole lot of things about the resident sorceress (Goth Girl, Buxom, Busty, Voluptuous, Large Breasts, Etcetera.) Or, to those of you in that end of fandom, it's the one that everyone seems to either love or be annoyed by and which doesn't involve Sephiroth. (Though it is in the same continuity, so neener neener. Speaking of continuity, while I loathed X-2 and will probably never finish it, I do sort of grudgingly count it as canon, and work with bits of it here and there, in stuff I haven't uploaded yet. Just for the record.)

It was my first console video game evah. Never had them growing up. My girlfriend at the time induced me to play due to her strong identification with Yuna, and then I took ficlet requests to try to break my writer's block. Whee! Must upload my femslash here at some point...

  Land of the Living
Final Fantasy X

"Wordlessly, Auron unhooked the bottle again, uncapped it, held it out to the boy. Tidus looked down at it for a long, long time before he took it."

   [ Tidus has emo at Auron ]

  Spoilers - through Zanarkand
  For - bard_linn, by LJ ficlet request

 2006 827 w. Canonlit. Y 
Final Fantasy X

"Auron gritted his teeth, hard, and pried his bottle out of Jecht's hand--and he was far gone not to protest, too far gone."

   [ preslash on the pilgramage ]

  For - delerone, by LJ ficlet request

 2006 391 w. Canonlit. N 
Final Fantasy X

"Yuna blinks, eyes watering, at the haze of pyreflies, and lets go of her, and steps away. Tidus is holding out her staff, not quite looking at her; she takes it, runs fingers over the worn painted wood, and, at last, begins to dance."

   [ three years after defeating Sin, Yuna lays the dead to rest ]

  Spoilers - through end of game

 2007 1,555 w. Canonlit. Y 
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