Miscellaneous Fandoms - sometimes I get hit out of the blue by an idea for a fandom I otherwise have no interest in writing in. Because I don't always write or join the fandom for everything I watch and enjoy--then I'd be even more scattered and overloaded! Rurouni Kenshin (mistranslated in the US as Samurai X), for example, I absolutely loved in the second story arc, but other than the brief crackfic below and some extremely abstract Sojiro headsurfing I'm unlikely to finish, I never had much urge to write in it.

C.S. Friedman's delightfully melodramatic science fantasy Coldfire Trilogy is an even more extreme case: the story below sideswiped me out of nowhere, and I have no other involvement in the fandom or interest in writing in it whatsoever. But again, not to say I didn't enjoy the books!

Star Trek, on the other hand, I have a good deal more writing in, but most of it is either exceedingly old and immature or exceedingly fragmented. I've been in that fandom in various ways, off and on, since I was a small child; it's one of those, like Myst or Utena, which always sticks with me. But I seem to be terminally unable to, y'know, finish anything. Thus there's only one Trek fic on this site; thus it is technically filed under miscellany until I finish more.

  The Exquisite Line
Coldfire Trilogy

"He cannot taste anything in his mouth, but he rinses with souring wine anyway, obsessively, until even the twisting chaos of his subconscious could not pretend it was there--ashes and blood. Was that what they'd tasted, all those women?"

   [ Damien and Tarrant, en route to the new continent, in dreams ]

 2007 2,257 w. Canonlit. Y 
  Long Wooden Objects
Rurouni Kenshin

"A fight with long wooden objects should be conducted solely with long wooden objects, that it should."

   [ Hiten Mitsurugi tends to drive you a little crazy ]

 2006 1,479 w. Canonlit. Y 
Star Trek: The Next Generation

"She was a shadow and a whisper in his mind, chitter-sharp spine and red lights in the green steaming dark, promising the impossible, the unthinkable, what he had shied away from all his life--unity."

   [ angsty cyborg trippiness ]

  Spoilers - Best of Both Worlds, First Contact
  For - ursule, by LJ ficlet request

 2005 584 w. Canonlit. Y 
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