Myst - here used to refer to all the games and novels in that world, except for the not-so-little snag that I've never been able to play Uru or Myst V: End of Ages due to, ah, operating system incompatibility. (Mockery for using a Mac will be bitchslapped, just for the record!)

Snags aside though, this was my first real online fandom, the world where I did my first serious "mature" work, and one of those fandoms that I just keep cycling back to. The worlds within the games are etched and enshrined deep, deep in my psyche; the characters are archetypes to me. Etcetera, etcetera.

One peculiar note is my complete mental block towards writing anything but gen in this fandom. There's just this big flinking WRONG sign at the thought of Myst smut. Perhaps to do with the relentless family-friendly nature of the fandom, or I don't know what. But it's there, and I don't feel like breaking it.

  Crocheting Time: Hidden Rooms

"By the Maker... I thought everything was burnt. Goodness knows, I might have kept something elsewhere than the library--a work in progress, maybe, a failed age..."

   [ Atrus gives his new apprentice a task both useful and educational ]

  Canon - written before Myst IV in attempt to reconcile continuity issues
  For - Sepdet, in a way; the title is a tribute
  Ref. - recording (by myself)

 2004 1,074 w. Canonlit. Y 
the dark myst vignettes

"Why are you crying, little brother? She tried to kill you. She didn't even go limp when she died. You're lucky I could do that. I saved you."

   [ seven stories in one, or one story in seven, of Sirrus and Achenar ]

  Spoilers - Myst
  Canon - written before realMYST, Uru, Myst IV and V
  Beta - Dester'edra
  For - Aitrus5, by dedication
  Ref. - author's notes

 2001 - 2004 49,936 w. Canonlit. Y 
  Sleep of the Unjust

"Sleep was falling, was hanging, was chains hand-carved over mindless years and locked around his own wrists, was a linking book swallowed by acid-green fire, was ten thousand days alone in a prison written with words of madness on howling wind..."

   [ Atrus angst in the wake of Revelation ]

  Spoilers - for Myst IV

 2004 2,166 w. Canonlit. Y 
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