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Pipe dream time. These are games that we're planning, plotting, or possibly scheming. Maybe even writing bits of. But there's no guarantee any of these are actually going to happen. Or don't belong in a Ten Bad set.

It's 1999, and the end of the world is nigh. Priests and warriors, wizards and soldiers, are gathering from all around the globe to fight and pray and die in Toronto, under the long shadow of the tallest tower on this doomed planet.

Towers of Babylon is a weekend-long apocalyptic urban fantasy game, coming someday to a college campus near you. Well, if Brandeis is near you. Because everything happens at Brandeis. Usually.

There's a Hole in the Sky, and people fall through. Pick themselves up, dust themselves off, find themselves trapped in a decaying palace, lose their way amongst strangers from a dozen worlds. Time to discover stifled magic, broken dreams, deep mysteries, and unexpected friends both true and treacherous.

The theme for Intercon L gave Tory a LARP-bunny. It's tentatively titled The Border War, and is space opera highly inspired by Lois McMaster Bujold.

We have a new idea for a game that has been nomming on our cerebral cortexes at an alarming rate. It is code-named YARF-PLARP. The game possibly involves less airsickness than the code-name implies. Although it does contain Russian pirates, so you never know.

In all relative seriousness, The King's Game as it is tentatively titled, is a long evening of fantasy politics, drama, treachery, and really big birds. At some point, when we stop giggling like ten-year-olds about our code-name, we will write a proper blurb. This day, sadly, has yet to arrive.

Unfortunately for our sanity, there have been requests for a sequel to The Sound of Drums. Even more unfortunately, Tory is pretty sure she knows how she'd go about it.

One phrase: The magical girl LARP that ruins everything...

Also, somebody needs to set a game in a world like Battle Royale or The Hunger Games...

Or both.

In a grand city on the shores of a vast rippling lake, with fog blowing in amongst the jeweled towers, the Honored Queen holds a masquerade on a long festival night. A torchlit fantasy of revelry and seduction and sedition and intrigue...

...because everybody needs to write a court intrigue masquerade game at least once, apparently.

Four words. Death. Note. Fan. LARP.

Four other words. Kingdom. Hearts. Fan. LARP.

Lily is plotting a game set in the 1920's that is totally, really, not in any way shape or form inspired by Baccano!

November 3rd, 2006: On a windy, dusty day in San Lorenzo, California, a great arch forms out of shimmering air. Strange glyphs hover, barely visible, casting no shadows on the worn asphalt. And as a few passers-by gather in wonder, the light of a different sun begins to shine from the other side.

AGOA: the path is open. For one rare, wondrous, terrible moment, the worlds are touching. And who knows what business the strange denizens of this fantastic land may have in our own...?

We both dislike vampire games so much that we will sometimes say, as high praise to fellow LARP writers we admire, that we'd play in anything they wrote even if it was a vampire game. Naturally this means that we have an idea for a vampire game of our own that would not annoy us.

On a cold and windy autumn day, flecks of snow whistling by in the air, the Amtrak Empire Builder pulls out of Wolf Point Station, Montana. Mostly empty train, nobody but a batch of ragged strangers to while the time away.

Another one of those real-world high-character low-plot talkie games. Storytelling game, pretty much, when you get down to it.

Sandglass, a weekend-long interactive fantasy novel about the aftermath of genocide, the creation of gods, the nature of magic, and other happy fun things.