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and maybe even run them

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Stuff that we're running! In locations! On days, at times! Well, hypothetically.

We have no officially scheduled events at this time, but we have vague plans for the following...

We have entered into conspiracy with Alleged Entertainment to organize a Day of Envelopes at some point during summer or fall of 2011, at which we re-run Stars Over Atlantis so that Nat can play in it, and they re-run Resonance so that we can play in it. We shall perform invocations to the gods of pancakes so that this actually happens, as opposed to our fizzled plans for summer games last year.

We would also like to re-run A Crown of Hearts sometime soon, after some re-writes. (Which, in turn, will be after Tory recovers from writing the game in the first place.)

Tory also knows what she wants to premiere at Intercon L, but that's a while off, fortunately for her sanity.