multiplication tables

table of contents



1x1 - Lost

Endymion, alone, with everything falling apart


3x5 - Eclipse

Zoisite and Jadeite, with the moon about to blacken the sun


2x2 - Power

Kunzite, alone, contemplating women


3x4 - Persona

Zoisite and Nephrite, when memories mean agony


4x4 - Obedience

Nephrite, not as alone as he might wish, haunted by both sides of Mercury


1x4 - Forgetting

Endymion and Nephrite, getting angry in a parking garage


3x3 - Appassionata

Zoisite, alone, when time doesn't matter


2x3 - Duel

Kunzite and Zoisite, having a peculiar sort of power struggle


1x5 - Fruit

Endymion and Jadeite, just having fun


2x4 - Painslut

Kunzite and Nephrite, playing their games


5x5 - Loyalty

Jadeite, alone, missing his Queen


2x5 - Punishment

Kunzite and Jadeite, doing penance


1x2 - Alpha

Endymion and Kunzite, in the final step of reconciliation


4x5 - Skirts

Nephrite and Jadeite, goofing off


1x3 - Rings

Endymion and Zoisite, desperate men in desperate times


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