Updates - and site history. Full list of updates linked from each date.

September 1st, 2008 - The updates are even slower, the links page still sucks, and most of my summer has been spent lolling about in depression. But I do come bearing at least a little fic! The real update headliner is, at this point, invisible to you and not fully implemented, but I have done most of the necessary coding to turn this into a MySQL/PHP-driven site. I am moving up in the internets. Hopefully in another month or two (let's be realistic here!) I'll have that up and running, which should make updates much easier and thus much more frequent.

June 1st, 2008 - About time I got another update in, isn't it? Aiming to do this monthly, approximately. Got a lot of backlogged never-quite-finished LJ ficlets and such, some of which I've pulled out and dusted off to round off this update. Makes up for the fact that I've barely been writing! One new fandom (for the Iron Man fangirling), one new subject tag (because I've finally posted femmeslash), ten new fics, one updated series, and one piece of fanart. And, yeah, the links page still sucks.

April 8th, 2008 - Site is live! Starting with a full deck of fics (well, fifty-two; seventy-eight would've taken me longer), a headliner (the immensely popular Dumbledore-Grindelwald correspondence fic), and an auspicious date (the first day of the writing of the Book of the Law). Parentheses power GO!!

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