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Greetings and salutations! I'm Letterblade, also known as Arkady or M'lah Sihfay, your fanwriter and webmaster for the moment, and this is, to state the blindingly obvious, my website full of fanfiction and other questionable acts. (And, yes, all those screen names have always been one person, and there are stories behind the changes.) I've been writing, including fanfiction, since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, and posting said fanfiction online for over seven years by now (that I will admit to, at least), so I figured it was about time to gather it all into one place, pretty it up, and call it a site.

Requisite Attempt at Legality #1 - Some, though by no means all, of these stories contain graphic sex. Said stories will be indicated. This is the internet and a fully public site, so I have no way to control who reads said stories, but please use your discretion, don't read anything you don't want to, and remember that if you're underage and the law gets involved, I'm the one who gets shafted.

Requisite Attempt at Legality #2 - All of these stories are based on, inspired by, and indebted to intellectual property owned by other entities. I claim ownership only of my own interpretations and word-smithing, not of the characters and worlds involved, and do not intend to gain any money or profit for myself out of this work.

Now that that's over with, go read the fic!

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